How much Electricity does a Massage Chair Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Massage Chair Use?

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If you have the work, mostly sitting in front of a PC or laptop, then there are chances that your muscles may strain. In this situation, all you need is to relax at the end of the day.

For this, massage chairs are always to the rescue. But before buying a massage chair, what crosses our mind is how much electricity a massage chair use.

Therefore, reading this article will answer and all the other questions that cross our minds while buying a massage chair. 

A massage chair may look to use too much electricity by the way it looks. But it is not true. But How often should you use a massage chair? A massage chair has less electrical consumption than a personal computer. Additionally, as compared to computers, massage chairs are used less.

Therefore, you can always use a massage chair when you are tired.

Comparison of Different Appliances with Massage Chairs in Terms of Power

Home AppliancesPower
Ceiling Fan75 watts
Personal Computer100 to 200 watts
Massage Chair180 to 250 watts
Water Heater1000 watts
Washing Machine3000 watts
Air Conditioner4100 watts

What does a massage chair need electricity for?

Before giving the answers to this question, you should know that a normal massage chair has features like motors, rollers, a track system, air compressors, heating elements, footwells, LED lights, and a 3D body scan that needs electricity to operate. 

How many watts does a 2D massage chair use?

A 2D massage chair is the simplest design of a massage chair and therefore, it is the one that comes at the cheapest price.

2D massage chairs are the traditional massage chairs that go up and down and sideways. The total power consumption of a 2D massage chair is 180 watts.

How many watts does a 3D massage chair use?

The maximum watts that a massage chair use is 220 watts. Comparing the watts of a 3D massage chair to other appliances are nothing.

Therefore you can always use a 3D massage chair free of mind. Having a therapeutic massage session through a 3D massage chair won’t impact power consumption.

Read Here.

Don’t know the difference between 2D, 3D, and 4D.

Is a massage chair worth the money?

With the latest technology and advancements, massage chairs have come a long way. A massage chair with all the features is worth the money.

Packed with all the stress-relieving features, a massage chair never disappoints. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, massage chairs are highly energy efficient. They only need 1 amp of electricity.

4D massage chairs are the ones in which the 4th dimension is referring to the roller component. These rollers are capable of increasing and decreasing the speed of different massages. 

It is better to keep a rug or mat under a massage chair if you have a hard floor. However, if the floor is not hard then it’s fine to not keep anything under a massage chair. 

It is found that massage chairs tend to reduce stress levels in people. The vibrations and other features of a massage chair are very effective. Therefore, it is good to have a massage chair. 


In the end, I would say that it’s never too late to buy a massage chair for yourself.

If power consumption is something that is keeping you away from buying a massage chair, then worry not and buy a massage chair right away for yourself. Happy Reading.

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