How to Reset Massage Chair?

How to Reset Massage Chair? A Detailed Guide with Practical Steps

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Having a massage chair at home is no less than a true blessing. No doubt, buying a massage chair is a great investment, but one should know how to use and maintain it properly.

Massage chairs not just help with relaxation, but they are also helpful with health-related problems. Therefore, if you own a massage chair and are wondering about how to reset the massage chair, then this article will help you a lot with this. 

Nothing lasts long if you don’t take proper care of it. Similarly, it is essential to take proper care of the massage chair so that you can use it for a longer time. To reset a massage chair mainly depends upon the problem that you are trying to resolve. 

So, let’s begin with it!

4 Problems Associated with Massage Chair

Here are some of the problems described below that you might face with your massage chair. The solutions to these problems will help you get rid of them.

Problem 1: Increased Temperature of the Massage Chair

Sometimes, the temperature of the massage chair increases. This might happen because of the jammed-up settings. To get over this problem simply clear out the jammed-up settings. 

Problem 2: Timer not Working

This problem arises when the automatic timer of the massage chair stops working. Malfunctioning the timer does not allow a person to keep a check on how long the massage chair has been working.

The only solution to this problem is to reset the massage chair. 

Problem 3: Massage Chair Making Noise

A massage chair making louder noise is another problem that is associated with a massage chair. There are many reasons behind this loud sound production.

There might be a problem with the air compressors or a faulty motor. In this situation, it is suggested to go for professional help. 

Problem 4: Features Stop Responding/ Massage Chair Stops Abruptly

If the features of the massage chair stop responding or if by chance your massage chair stops working, then you should reset it. 

Why is it necessary to Reset the Massage Chair?

Resetting the massage chair can help you in various ways. Some of the reasons for resetting a massage chair are given below:

  1. Resetting the massage chair helps in customizing it according to your own needs. 
  2. If the machine is not working properly, resetting helps with it.
  3. If there is a noise coming from your massage chair, then you can overcome it by resetting it. 

3 Methods to Reset Massage Chair 

To reset your massage chair, you can follow any of the methods described below. 

Method 1: Factory Reset 

Factory reset of a massage chair is the simplest and easiest way of resetting a massage chair.

You can go for factory reset settings when you notice an issue with the internal settings of the massage chair. For the factory reset setting, you have to follow the steps given below. 

Step 1: Turn off the Massage Chair

If your massage chair is on, then turn it off entirely.

Step 2: Look for the Kneading and Power Button 

On the remote control of your massage chair look for the kneading and power buttons and press them at once. Make sure you keep them pressed for at least 9 to 10 seconds.

Step 3: Display Screen 

If you have a display screen on your remote control, then there are chances that you might see an error sign flashing on the remote screen. 

Step 4: Vibration

Pressing the kneading and power button together will make the automatic massage chair pad vibrate slightly. T

his will indicate that the previous history of the massage chair has been deleted and shows that your massage chair has been reset successfully.

Method 2: Remote Control or Panel Reset of Massage Chair  

You could go for this option if the factory reset of your massage chair wasn’t successful. For this, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Power off 

Turn the power cord off for 10 seconds, and then turn it on again. 

Step 2: Massage or Power Button

Finally, press the massage or power button on your remote control and keep it pressed for about 7 to 10 seconds. 

Once you keep it pressed, the remote will ask you between the “yes” or “no” option. If you want to reset, press yes, and your massage chair will be reset and ready for use again. 

Method 3: Manual Reset Method

Have you ever wondered what you will do if the remote control method does not work? The manual reset method is used when the above two methods fail to work. For the manual reset, the method follows the steps given below.

Step 1: Power Cord

For this method first of all plug in the power cord and make space near the chair.

Step 2: Reset Button

Under the chair seat cushion, look for the reset button. Once you find the reset button, press it and wait for the chair to calibrate. After 10 minutes, your chair will be ready to use again. 

How do I reset OSIM chair?

To reset the OSIM chair, follow the steps given below. 

  1. Turn on the power outlet of the chair.
  2. Now switch on the massage chair using the remote.
  3. Now turn on the desired program of the chair by pressing the on button. 
  4. Press the on/off button again to delete or change the previous program.
  5. Finally, now you can reset the program according to your preference.

How do I Reset my Shiatsu Massage Chair?

To reset the shiatsu massage chair, hold the power button and kneading button on the remote control for five to ten seconds. 

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I hope, by now you know how you can reset your massage chair and set it the way you always wanted it to be. If you follow the steps accordingly, you can reset your massage chair in no time. Happy Reading!

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