How to Fix a Massage Chair By Yourself

How to Fix a Massage Chair By Yourself?

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In this modern age, a massage chair is a powerful way to relax. If you have a massage chair, it probably needs repair at some point.

You might be wondering, “How to Fix a Massage Chair By Yourself?” Well, first, you need to identify the issue. After that, either follow the instructions in the massage chair manual guide or get assistance to fix the problem. 

The following tips can help you fix your massage chair.

  • Reset Your Massage Chair
  • Examine the Connectors and Power Cord In Your Massage Chair 
  • Look for Blown Fuses in Your Massage Chair 
  • Check the Massage Chair’s Wiring
  • Check the Massage Heads
  • Check the Connections to the Airbags 
  • Check the Remote of Your Massage Chair 
  • Inspect the Motors of Your Massage Chair
  • Check the Filter in Your Massage Chair’s Base 
  • Inspect the Upholstery Condition of Your Massage Chair

Keep in mind that every problem necessitates a unique solution. It is crucial to seek professional assistance when there are broken parts.

I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of repairing a massage chair in this blog post.

Let’s get started!

How to Repair a Massage Chair- A Detailed Repair Guide

Everyone can find fantastic comfort in massage chairs in this busy, restless 21st century. Your massage chair may periodically stop working if something goes wrong. 

Before contacting a professional to fix your massage chair, you can try a few easy fixes. Let’s look at how to fix a massage chair.

  1. Reset Your Massage Chair

When an electronic gadget malfunction, restarting the device is the initial course of action. Consult the manual for your massage chair’s reset instructions as a starting point.

It is possible to reset some massage chairs by turning them off and back on. There may be a reset button on the remote control of some massage chairs. 

Some chairs contain a button sequence that involves holding down the tapping and kneading buttons for a short time.

  1. Examine the Connectors and Power Cord In Your Massage Chair

Now, if the first step does not work, then it’s the time when the massage chair has some internal issues. Many massage chair manuals also include potential problems and how to fix them.

If your massage chair suddenly stops functioning, start by looking at the power cord. Check the proper positioning of the plunging. 

Additionally, make sure the cords are well-matched to prevent short-circuiting. Similarly, your massage chair’s motor may sound like it’s not working or makes a loud noise while it operates. 

Then, there may be a problem with the way it is powered. Here, the connection of the power cord should be solid and free of fraying.

If a wire is exposed, cover it with electrical tape. Therefore, ensure the power cord is constantly attached firmly on both ends.

  1. Look for Blown Fuses in Your Massage Chair

Massage chairs often incorporate a fuse or circuit breaker to protect them from harming themselves if something goes wrong. 

Therefore, check the fuses and replace any blown ones if your massage chair stops operating.

First, reset any tripped circuit breakers.

By pressing the power button on the massage chair, you can see if a fuse has blown. 

If there is no electricity, it means there is a problem with the fuse. You can determine whether there is a burned fuse by the foul smell it emits.

Burned-out fuses will also appear as broken circuits and have scorched metal on their insides. To fix a blown fuse, remove the plugging using a screwdriver and install a new fuse of the same type.

  1. Check the Massage Chair’s Wiring

If the massage chair does turn on, but neither vibrations nor heating takes place, it may have a wiring problem. 

If so, there might be a wiring issue with your massage chair. First, switch off the chair. Then, open the backup and inspect the wiring and connectors. 

Keep an eye out for any exposed or frayed wiring. Cover any exposed wires using electrical tape.

  1. Check the Massage Heads

Check the controller if the massaging process fails to function suddenly. The massage heads occasionally may have forcibly latched together. 

First, unlock the massage heads. Then, You can use the remote to restart the massage.

You should pay attention to the massage heads as you go from one style of massage therapy to another. 

For example, they transition from kneading massage to rolling massage. The chair’s shift is complete when heads reach the narrow end.

  1. Check the Connections to the Airbags

Sometimes, The massage chair’s airbags cease working. There are various causes for it. 

Check the connections for the air pump inflating the airbags if all the airbags fail to function. Examine the power and air connections.

If the connections are good, it’s also possible that the motor has burned out. If a single airbag has stopped inflating, check the air connections and hoses for that airbag.

Assume that everything seems to be connected securely and that air is flowing into the airbag. Once more, if the airbag isn’t inflating, it signifies that it’s leaking.

  1. Check the Remote of Your Massage Chair

When the massage chair vibrates or heats up, you cannot choose the style of massage you want. It indicates that the remote isn’t working. Check the remote’s batteries. 

The remote’s battery may need charging if your chair is rechargeable. If it is fully charged but doesn’t function, there might be an issue with the chair’s charging system.

  1. Inspect the Motors of Your Massage Chair

The motor may sometimes make a noise or stop working altogether. It denotes the possibility of burned-out motors, stripped or damaged gears, or broken belts. 

You’ll need a replacement part at this stage. Consult the provider to get new components for your massage chair.

  1. Check the Filter in Your Massage Chair’s Base

If your massage chair vibrates but doesn’t heat up, check the filter underneath it. Here, hair, dirt, or other items could accumulate and create a clog. 

Remove the filter and look underneath it. If you discover something, take it out and change the filter.

  1. Inspect the Upholstery Condition of Your Massage Chair

There are several massage chairs, each with a different kind of upholstery. An upholstery repair kit will work for any minor cosmetic tears. 

You can remove the food or oil stains on fabric upholstery using dish detergent, water, and air drying. You can use rubbing alcohol or lemon juice as homemade cleaners for leather stains.

Wrapping Up

By this point, I hope you have a clear comprehension of the query, “How to Fix a Massage Chair By Yourself?” 

Well, you can fix your massage chair by following specific instructions. Before performing any experiments with your massage chair, you should read the manual.

Follow the ten steps mentioned above, and you’ll find a fix to your problem.

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