How to Measure Office Chair Seat Height

How to Measure Office Chair Seat Height?

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Are you worried about “how to measure office chair seat Height” to increase productivity and comfort?

An office chair’s seat height must be correct to give the individuals a proper level of support and safety.

Finding the optimum seating can also guarantee comfort in your office chair, including pressure management, relief, and postural support.

So, how to measure office chair seat Height? You can accomplish this in two steps. First, your knees are bent 90 degrees, and you have feet comfortably touching the ground. Second, when using a computer, your forearms should be parallel to the desk and at the same height, with your elbows assuming a 90 to 110-degree angle.

So get ready to measure the seat height of your office chair and say goodbye to unnecessary back and neck pain.

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Let’s get started!

How to Measure Office Chair Seat Height?

In everyday living and, of course, in office seating, seat height is a crucial consideration.

It is common for people to adjust the seat height of their office chairs, even when seated at a desk.

When sitting in an office chair, it’s vital that there isn’t too much pressure on the back sides of your thighs or your posterior.

Because office chairs are intended for the public, this seat measurement is necessary to record the seat height precisely.

To measure the height of your office chair, follow the two steps below.

1. Put Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

The first step is quite easy.

  • First, sit in your office chair. 
  • Then alter the height lever until your feet are firmly on the ground.
  • Ensure that your knees are bent 90 degrees.
  • Keep in mind not to lower the chair too far, as it may have the unfavorable impact of applying pressure to your sit bones or ischial tuberosities.

Additionally, you can stand up and gauge the ideal seat height.

  • To do this, stand in front of your office chair. 
  • Next, adjust the chair’s height so that the top of the seat is directly over your knees.

2. Place Your Forearms Parallel to the Desk

Forearm height is also vital when it comes to the perfect seat height equation for those who work at a desk.

  • First, adjust the height of your seat such that your elbows form an open angle of 90 to 100 degrees.
  • Then, change the height so that your forearms are parallel to or slightly inclined toward the desk.

Does an Optimal Height Exist for an Office Chair?

You can adjust your workplace chair to the ideal height to start working effortlessly.

Your height, body shape, and work style will determine the accurate chair height for you.

An ideal office chair height is crucial since it lessens the negative consequences of prolonged improper sitting on your legs, shoulders, neck, and even arms.

Make sure that your feet are touching the floor firmly while seated on the chair. Second, your forearms have to be parallel to the desk and at the same height.

Seat Height Data for the Ideal Office Chair Sitting

A general working recommendation for the ideal office chair height based on your height is given below:

Your Height  Office Chair Height
4’11”15.9 inches
5’0″ 16.2 inches
5’1″16.4 inches
5’2″                                           16.7 inches
5’3″17 inches
5’4″17.2 inches
5’5″ 17.5 inches
5’6″17.8 inches
5’7″18 inches
5’8″18.3 inches
5’9″18.6 inches
5’10”                                 18.9 inches
5’11”   19.1 inches
6’0″ 19.4 inches
6’1″                             19.7 inches
6’2″ 19.9 inches
6’3″    20.2 inches
6’4″ 20.5 inches
6’5″20.7 inches
6’6″21 inches
6’7″                                  21.3 inches
6’8″ 21.6 inches
6’9″21.8 inches
6’10” 22.1 inches
6’11”                             22.4 inches
7’0″ 22.6 inches
7’1″ 22.9 inches
7’2″ 23.2 inches

How to Measure Your Office Desk’s Height?

To adjust your desk height, follow the guidelines given below.

The desk surface should be parallel to the top of the armrests.

It indicates that your elbows should be bent at about 90 degrees, and your armrests should now be comfortably positioned on the desk.

Some Points to Consider:

  1. Raise the Desk Height
  2. Lower the Height of the Desk/Raise the Height of the Chair

1. Raise the Desk Height

Increase the desk height in case the desk is too low, and your elbows are bent at an angle greater than 90 degrees.

Avoid lowering the height of your chair in this situation.

This will cause you to sit with your knees higher than your hips. 

As a result, the strain on the lumbar discs will rise, which will cause back discomfort very soon. Moreover, neck and shoulder discomfort is a byproduct of back pain.

2. Lower the Height of the Desk/Raise the Height of the Chair

The desk is excessively high if your elbows are bent at an angle significantly less than 90 degrees. Reduce the desk’s height in this instance.

If the desk isn’t height-adjustable, adjust the chair’s height instead.

Advantages of the Appropriate Seat Height Adjustment

  • Relieves suffering
  • Maintains proper posture
  • Alleviates tiredness
  • Reduces back pain
  • Enhances the body’s blood flow
  • Makes your core muscles stronger

Drawbacks of Poorly Adjusted Seat Height

  • Fatigue
  • An increase in sleepiness
  • Difficulties with blood flow
  • Concentration issues 
  • Constant headaches and attention issues
  • Obesity risk factors can harm the health of your heart
  • More likely to experience musculoskeletal issues and slipped discs in the back

Final Words

I hope you understand the harder but crucial question: “How to Measure Office Chair Seat Height?”

With an inappropriate seat height, an office chair makes it quite simple to develop undesirable posture patterns. It may eventually cause more serious health problems.

There are, however, standard recommendations for seat height and desk height. 

Any regular office chair will be height-adjustable. The ideal situation is for you to be able to sit upright, without bending or leaning, and stare directly at your laptop or computer monitor.

Have you ever measured your office chair seat height? Do you have another way to measure seat height that I didn’t cover in this topic?

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