How to Raise/Lower Office Chair Without Lever?

How to Raise/Lower Office Chair Without Lever? Easy Ways

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Modern chairs have levers to adjust the height. However, some old chairs work without a lever.

Sometimes, a lever may not always be able to change the height of a chair.

What would you do to raise/lower your office chair without a lever, then?

Don’t worry; I got you.

As office work expands to several hours per day, it’s crucial to have a comfortable sitting.

Here chair adjustment comes into play.

Most office chairs have adjustable height mechanisms to allow people of different heights to sit comfortably.

In this article, I’ve covered the most common office chairs and how to adjust their height without a lever.

So, keep reading to learn how to raise or lower your chair without a lever.

4 Different Office Chairs with No-Lever Height Adjustment

  1. Pneumatic Office Chair
  2. Non-Pneumatic Office Chair
  3. Hydraulic Ergonomic Chairs
  4. Non-Adjustable Office Chairs 

Let’s dive into a detailed guide:

1. Pneumatic office chair

Such chairs always have a lever underneath for height adjustment. The Pneumatic chair has an air-filled chamber. The container has a piston or plunger attached to it. 

With the help of a lever mechanism, the piston moves in or out. When pressure is applied, the plunger moves the air. Conversely, when pressure is reduced, the piston rises, and the air follows.

Now the question is how to adjust the pneumatic chair if its lever doesn’t work. Well, it’s time to shake your creative juices. Here are some ways to do it.

Method # 1: Temporary Adjustment Lever

Initially, find the cylinder tip on the pneumatic lift. You will see a little pin poking out of it.

What you need to do is to press the pin on the pneumatic lift, and it releases the piston at the base. 

Once the piston has been released, you can adjust your office chair’s height. A long tool, like a screwdriver or a ruler, can serve as your new lever.

Method # 2: Remove the Gas Cylinder

The effortless way to lower your chair angle without using the lever is to take off the gas cylinder from the chair’s bottom.

How to Disassemble Office Chair?

Method # 3: Place Something Under the Chair

The other option to make the chair lower is to find something to place underneath the chair’s two front legs. It will raise the lever on the front of the chair, enabling you to tilt the back without the lever.

Method # 4: Reduce the Pressure on the Pneumatic Cylinder

A further way is to try sitting on the edge of the seat height adjustment lever and pressing down with your legs to lower the chair. 

You can lower the chair without the lever because it will lighten the load on the gas cylinder.

2. Non-pneumatic office chair

Pneumatic chairs are now commonplace in offices and industries. However, some office chairs don’t have a pneumatic lift in their design. 

They need to be manually adjusted using a lever. Right now, you don’t have an adjustment lever in your toolbox.

Let’s experiment with a new way to change the heights of these leverless office chairs 

Step 1: Select the Right Height

There is no set formula because everyone’s height varies.

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However, it is widely agreed upon that your office chair’s height should correspond to the distance between the floor and your knee’s center.

To do this, stand up and gauge the distance from the ground to your knee joint. Then, measure the distance between the floor and the chair’s seat.

Step 2: Under Chair Lock Adjustment

Older chairs typically feature a little lock that regulates height. Stand up and turn your chair over to find this lock. After that, loosen this bolt with a screwdriver.

Step 3: Clockwise and Counterclockwise Rotation

Now we have unlocked the lock in the subsequent stage. Now you can flip the chair back to its original position and start changing the height.

  • To lower the seat, rotate the chair clockwise.
  • To raise the chair, turn the chair anticlockwise.

Make sure to stop the base from spinning with the seat.

To avoid this, keep a foot at the bottom of the chair. Ideally, one complete seat turn makes a difference of a quarter inch.

Now follow step one to calculate how many spins you’ll need to achieve the desired height.

Step 4: Reinsert the Lock

After achieving the perfect height, install the lock and tighten it. You should avoid messing up your height adjustment.

So, don’t reinstall the lock by turning the chair around. 

3. Hydraulic Ergonomic Chairs

A hydraulic ergonomic office chair won’t require a lever to adjust the height. What you need to do is to find the release button on the chair’s side. 

Press this button downward. Depending on the amount of force you use, the chair will either raise or drop. Once you’ve determined the ideal height, hit the button quickly.

4. Non-Adjustable Office Chairs 

If your office chair isn’t adjustable by design, and you have to change the height to fit your desk. What do you do?

Anyway, there is a fix for every issue. Here are some pointers for adjusting this office chair’s height.

Seat Pad for Seat Elevation

If your office chair is too low, you can use seat cushions to raise it. For this function, these can be regular pillows or foam cushions.

Blocks for Desk Elevation 

Desk blocks are a magnificent alternative if you want to lower your chair to match your desk.

These blocks will increase the height of your desk, making it equal to that of your office chair.

Wood Pieces to Raise the Seat

To lift the chair a few inches, insert a piece of wood between the seat and the chair base. It’s crucial to use long screws or nuts for this setting.

Wrapping up

That’s all! Office chairs come in different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose, such as gaming, executive, or other office work.  It appears fairly difficult to change the height of such chairs without a liver. 

However, it is far easier than you may imagine. I’ve discussed the most common office chairs and how to raise/lower office chairs without a lever. Now, you no longer need a lever to raise or lower your office chair.

Have you ever adjusted your chair height without a lever? Do you have another way to raise or lower your chair’s height?

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