Vibration VS Percussion Massager

Vibration VS Percussion Massager – Which one is for you?

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You may have observed a boom in hand-held massagers over the past few years when surfing social media platforms, particularly fitness videos. 

The goal of these massagers is to help people recuperate from their daily activities, whether they involve strenuous athletic training or merely the tension of a lengthy job.

However, with so many massagers available, it can be challenging to decide which tools and which sorts of therapy will be most helpful for your health.

So, let’s start with Vibration VS Percussion Massager.

The fundamental difference between a vibration massager and a percussion massager is that a vibration massager uses vibration to penetrate, while percussion massagers use mechanical vibration to facilitate physical penetration.

Additionally, percussion therapy is perfect at offering quick relief, while vibration therapy works wonders at getting rid of muscle aches.

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Let’s explore all you need to know about Vibration VS Percussion Massager.

Vibration VS Percussion Massager- A Comprehensive Comparison

The main distinction between a vibration massager and a percussion massager is that a vibration massager employs vibration to penetrate.

While percussion massagers use mechanical vibration to aid physical penetration.

Another distinction between vibration treatment and percussive therapy is that the former penetrates the muscle 60% more deeply.

Whereas the latter only provides pleasant sensations on the skin’s surface.

There are many other features one can compare vibration and percussion massagers and decide the best massager for himself. 

Let’s examine the in-depth contrast between a percussion massager and a vibration massager.

What Exactly is Vibration Therapy?

The application of vibration using a machine to relax your body is known as vibration therapy. It can either be a complete body therapy or a localized one.

In this form of treatment, massage guns come into touch with the skin and feel pleasant on the body’s surface.

Simply put, it creates a more holistic experience as compared to the more focused care percussive therapy offers.

Whole-body vibration therapy involves standing on a platform that vibrates.

Localized therapy involves hand-held devices that send vibrations through a particular area of the body.

What Exactly is Percussion Therapy?

Percussion therapy uses force to cure the afflicted body part, similar to vibration therapy. 

To facilitate an efficient course of treatment and recovery, this treatment induces sufficient blood flow and oxygen levels in the treatment regions that need it.

The therapy is more effective since the percussive massager devices touch and release the body several times per second.

It prevents the brain from becoming accustomed to the stimulus.

As a bonus, it penetrates the muscle 60% deeper than usual vibration massagers, which results in depth massage effects.

The Working Principle of Vibration Therapy

It is ideal to have a pressure intensity level of 11 lbs when using a massager for vibration treatment. 

According to research, regular vibration therapy sessions will speed up your recovery.

The length of each session varies based on the issue you are trying to solve. For instance, 15–25 minutes of therapy can relieve mild muscle discomfort. 

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Nonetheless, a half-hour session is thought to be efficient for the whole body.

A 45-minute session is necessary to recuperate rapidly for people having cramps and localized muscular discomfort.

The Working Principle of Percussive Therapy

The general pressure intensity level for percussive therapy is 30 pounds for the best outcomes.

Since the machine penetrates the muscles 65% deeper than other forms of treatment, percussion therapy is claimed to be the most effective because it promotes higher blood flow and oxygenation.

Vibration and Percussion Massager’s Amplitude

Simply put, amplitude refers to how high and low the massager’s head travels.

The amplitude of an average vibration massager is between 3-5 mm. However, the amplitude of the percussion massagers is higher than 5 mm.

Keep in mind that a massive increase in amplitude would tend to force the head in or cause it to patter and bounce uncontrolled.

The Vibration and Percussion Massager’s Head Design

Generally, vibration massagers use a flat contact to ensure vibration transfer. 

Contrarily, percussion massagers typically include shaped heads, such as balls or more pointed contacts, to aid with head penetration.

Advantages of Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy benefits include:

  • Minimise post-workout pain and accelerate recovery
  • Increase efficiency
  • Minimise pain
  • Assist with musculoskeletal issues
  • Accelerating healing
  • Reduces tension by calming the muscles
  • Relieves a tight muscle’s agony
  • Significantly increases blood flow.
  • Increases muscular flexibility
  • Stimulates muscles by instinctively contracting and relaxing them
  • Helps one lose weight by burning body fat
  • Can treat ailments including Parkinson’s

Advantages of Percussion Therapy

Percussion Therapy benefits include:

  • Reduces the lactic acid buildup that initially causes muscular soreness
  • Increases the body’s motion range
  • Hydrates the deep muscles’ soft tissue.
  • Highly successful at reducing pain during deep-tissue healing
  • In comparison with other forms of therapy, it penetrates the muscles more deeply. So, it enhances oxygen and blood flow in the body.
  • An increase in effectiveness is a result of interruptions in body contact.

A Comparison Table for Percussion Massager and Vibration Massager

You may comprehend the distinction between percussion and vibration massager by referring to the following table.

FeaturesVibration MassagePercussion Massage
operating methodUsing vibration to penetratevibrates to force a head thrust
PurposeMostly for muscle sorenessFor immediate pain relief
SafetyNearly risk-freePenetrating heads need careful handling
BenefitsMultiple BenefitsDeep muscle penetration
Amplitude3-5 mmMore than 5 mm
HeadsFlat headsEither blunt or pointy heads

Final Words

I’m hoping that by this point, you are clear on the subject of “Vibration vs. Percussion Massager.” 

You can choose the suitable massager by understanding how your recovery treatment works. 

For instance, you could need a massager that can give vibration therapy calming effects.

Similarly, you may need a deep tissue massage, so a percussion massager is the best option.

In a nutshell, each massager is proficient in their style.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a vibration massager and a percussion massager. However, a combination of the two also works amazingly.

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