Do You Need Armrests On Office Chair?

Do You Need Armrests On Office Chair?

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Online retailers have a broad variety of office chair styles. It includes models with and without armrests and chairs with fixed or movable armrests.

But are you curious why armrests for your office chair are so important? And do you think armrests are a good or bad idea?

There has been much debate about whether or not armrests should be included on office chairs.

While the final decision is up to you, consider the following benefits of armrests for your health and comfort at your workstation. 

Many people in offices spend a lot of time sitting, so they must have comfortable and good chairs for their backs.

Some suggestions on why you need armrests on office chairs are provided below.


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Differences In Armrests For Office Chairs

Armrests are often included with office chairs. Some models lack armrests, and others may be added freely, although they’re often a key element.

However, not every armrest is created equal.

Fixed Armrests

The name says it all: fixed armrests won’t move. They are permanently set in place and cannot be moved.

Most of the time, you may find them on the lower-priced types of office chairs.

In general, they provide enough support for the forearms, reducing strain on the neck and shoulders. However, they do not come in a universal size.

T-shaped or ‘loop-shaped designs are common for fixed armrests.

Folding Armrests

Armrests that can be folded up out of the way are convenient for tasks that need you to alternate between utilizing and not using them.

As is often the case in the workplace. There are typically just two positions for folding armrests.

You may fold the armrest vertically to store it out or fold it down to lay flat on the seat.

If you decide to utilize one of these armrests, you’re stuck with the flat horizontal position that comes standard.

Adjustable Armrests

Armrests that may be adjusted to fit the user’s needs are the best. You can only find them on the most luxurious office chairs.

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Each model may be unique, but most include some combination of height, breadth, and pivot adjustments.

So you may find the perfect fit for your body and your workplace.

At this point in the article, we’ll discuss reasons why you need armrests on office chairs.

Reasons To Purchase Armrests For Office Chairs

When sitting in an office chair, the armrests may help in several ways.

The advantages of PU armrests that can be adjusted to the user’s height and size increase dramatically.

We discuss the advantages of armrests so you’ll consider them while buying online.

1. Provide Comfort for computer work

Most office workers spend their days in front of a computer. So it’s important to have a comfortable way to rest your arms while you work.

PU cushions that can be adjusted are a great option. 

The ergonomically designed armrests of office chairs enhance support for various arm positions.

2. Aids In Keeping Your Back In Its Natural Alignment

Armrests on an office chair provide excellent relief for your upper back, neck, and shoulders.

In addition to relieving fatigue, this also eases pressure on your neck and shoulder muscles.

Altogether, this aids in preventing the user from slouching and encourages a more natural spine position.

3. Relaxed Shoulders

An indication of severe strain, raised shoulders are linked to an increased risk of developing shoulder and back discomfort.

In the worst cases, they cause people to develop bad habits like slouching and rolling their shoulders.

Thus, armrests on your office chair, ideally adjustable, provide optimum alignment. It helps to achieve a healthy seated posture.

Guide On Proper Arm Rest Usage

Having the armrests in the right place is essential while utilizing them.

As the last step in setting up your workspace, you should ensure your arms are at a comfortable, relaxed angle.

You may rest your elbows on the armrests while sitting with your hands in your lap. That ensures that they are in the right places.

Armrests shouldn’t be utilized constantly, even in a comfortable posture. They are meant for short rest. 

No matter how comfortable a chair may seem, prolonged sitting is bad for the body.

When you need a break throughout the day, rest your arms on the armrests, but don’t make yourself at home there.

In conclusion, having a chair with an adjustable armrest is helpful. But only if it is used properly and in the right place.

Office Chair Armrest Features

The basic ways armrests may be adjusted in an ergonomic office chair are as follows.

  • Height Adjustable

Most armrests are at least height adjustable. The ideal armrest height is high enough to be level with your desk and low enough to go beneath it as required.

Get the right dimensions by calculating the free space beneath your desk.

  • Length Adjustable

Some armrests move forward and back to enhance forearm coverage in different positions. This might come in handy whether you’re leaning far back or very forward.

  • Width Adjustable

Adjustable width is a key armrest feature. Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders when you’re seated. Since everyone’s shoulder breadth is different. 

It’s important to have armrests that can be adjusted closer or further from the body, particularly if many people will use the chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to avoid wrist flexion issues like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Armrests should be placed at least 2–3 centimeters above the table.

Fixed armrests or those with restricted height, breadth, and rotation won’t suit everyone well. Poor movement patterns and breakdown due to uncomfortable situations might cause discomfort or health complications. The greatest solution here is to get rid of the armrests.

If you want to improve the health and efficiency of your workspace, a four-dimensional armrest is a way to go.


You may be wondering why do you need armrests on office chair, but now you know the answer.

Working at a desk for long periods may cause aches and pains in your shoulders, neck, and arms. However, armrests can help alleviate some of these issues.

If you’ve exhausted other methods of correcting your posture, armrests may be the solution.

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