How to Use Massage Chair

How to Use Massage Chair? 7 Savvy Tips

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You recently purchased your first high-end massage chair, and now you’re wondering, “How to Use a Massage Chair?

Don’t worry; I’ve got you. Similar to beginning a new fitness routine, using a massage chair for the first time can be difficult.

A massage chair may energize your body and aid in relaxation and meditation. A massage chair can help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

It also relieves body pains when you return from a long day.

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To use your massage chair effectively, you have to:

  • Begin with brief, light massage sessions
  • Check Out the settings of your massage chair.
  • Consider your trouble body spots
  • Get a Few Days of Rest
  • Clean and Maintain Your Massage Chair Properly
  • Speak to a physical therapist

Let’s examine each step’s detailed instructions.

7 Savvy Tips on How to Use Massage Chair

Let’s go over the information you should know before utilizing your chair for the first time.

For optimal use of your massage chair, take into consideration the seven recommendations provided below.

1. Some Considering Before Using a Massage Chair

First, consider the chair’s settings and positioning before you sit on your massage chair. A wrong position may cause harm to your machine and you as well.

As most chairs have adjustable heights between 165 cm and 188 cm, make sure you have considerable space around the chair.

Next, before you sit in a massage chair, take off your shoes and jacket, and refrain from eating or drinking.

Be sure to relax your muscles and press them firmly against the seat cushions to avoid back pain.

2. Begin with Brief, Light Massage Sessions

Start with a brief, 15-minute session if you’ve never used a massage chair.

Because using the massage chair for a prolonged period during your first session can harm your muscles and produce uncomfortable pain. 

So, limit yourself to one or two sessions of 15–20 minutes each throughout the first week.

As you become more accustomed to the massage chair, gradually increase the number of sessions each week.

Full-body massage chairs frequently include pre-set programs to gently massage various body areas, such as the back, legs, arms, Nech and shoulders.

Ideally, a 15-minute session is the best approach.

However, a quick 5- or 10-minute massage would be preferable if you want to concentrate on a particular area.

3. Check Out the Settings of Your Massage Chair

There are numerous programs and settings available on massage chairs to meet various lifestyles or health issues.

For instance, most full-body massage chairs feature a sleep option to help with insomnia and promote better sleep.

The rolling and rubbing motions of these chairs help you feel calm and improve your sleep by releasing muscle tension.

Therefore, it is advisable to take your time and read the massage chair’s instructions in detail if you want to get the most out of your massage chair. 

Don’t worry; it won’t take too much time as most massage chairs have easy controls, so getting used to them should be fast and effortless.

4. Consider Your Trouble Body Spots

Take advantage of your massage chair to treat your body parts that experience chronic pain.

For instance, the use of foot rollers can help you relax your feet after standing all day. 

Massage therapy can help people with back pain, one of the most common health issues, by easing their lower back discomfort and muscle stress.

Don’t massage one section of the body excessively. It is especially true if there is existing muscular stiffness or an earlier injury in that area of the body. 

Similarly, keep your deep tissue massage sessions to one or two per week if you’re targeting a specific spot.

You can take a light full-body massage on the remaining days of the week.

5. Get a Few Days of Rest

Your muscles may suffer more harm than benefit if you use your massage chair for extended amounts of time on consecutive days.

The following issues could result from excessive muscle massaging:

  • Muscular bruising
  • Older wounds become worse
  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness and discomfort

Therefore, it is recommended to have massage sessions three to four times a week. You can also get a whole week’s worth of massages, but only for a short time.

6. Cleaning and Maintaining Your Massage Chair Properly

Always clean and maintain your chair regularly to keep it operating efficiently and looking excellent for a long time.

Consider the following suggestions to clean your massage chair properly.

  1. Avoid placing your chair in the direct sun or leaving it where young children can readily access it.
  2. To prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, give your massage chair a weekly surface cleaning.
  3. Every few months, give your massage chair a complete and deep cleaning.
  4. Consult a specialist as soon as possible if your massage chair starts making strange noises or isn’t working properly to prevent further damage.

7. Speak to a Physical Therapist

If you combine your massage chair sessions with physiotherapist visits, your results will be better.

Your therapist can assist you in developing a massage treatment plan that considers your health status and avoids over-massaging particular body parts.

Massage Chairs and Different Massage Techniques

Various massage treatments are available on massage chairs, including:

  • Kneading Massage

The user’s back, neck, and shoulders experience a kneading feeling because of the rollers’ quick, tiny circular motions.

  • Rolling Massage

The rollers typically go up and down the user’s body simultaneously in a continuous wave of light pressure to perform this massage.

A massage chair can offer a mild vibration and relax tight muscles by swiftly rotating its rollers in and out against the user’s back.

Massage chairs set their rollers to sweep back and forth and up and down across the user’s back to reduce muscle tension.

  • Zero Gravity Massage

A zero gravity massage chair can relieve all pressure on the spine by reclining the user to the point where they are entirely horizontal.

It creates the illusion of weightlessness. As a result, Deep muscular relaxation happens.

  • Flexibility Massage

Users can extend their entire body and relieve pressure on their spine by lying back with their feet on the footrest.

  • Deep-Tissue Massage

Here, alternately intense rollers move back and forth before airbags apply dynamic pressure.

Final Thought

I hope you have learned “How to Use Massage Chair” from this article. If you are a newbie, you should begin with a brief -15 minute-massage session.

Once you pick up speed, you can gradually go for three to four massages a week.

A massage chair can also treat your painful body parts, such as chronic neck or back pain. 

Make sure to speak with the physical therapist to obtain the ideal massage plan based on your body’s requirements.

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