Massage Chair VS Massage Therapist

Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist? Which One Is Best to Choose?

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You’ve definitely heard about how massage treatment may reduce stress, improve mood, ease muscle tension and back pain, and even improve mental health. 

You may want to get a massage therapist but are confused between the Massage Chair VS Massage Therapist debate.

There are advantages to both chair massages and professional massages. You must consider your individual medical needs while choosing between a massage chair and a massage therapist. 

You can enjoy all the advantages of massage therapy in a massage chair from the comfort of your home. Research shows that spending just 40 minutes each day in a massage chair can help reduce fatigue, painful muscles, and overall stress levels.

In contrast, massage therapists offer a wide range of massages tailored to each client’s needs.

In this blog post, we’ll clarify the debate between massage chairs vs massage therapists and highlight their advantages and disadvantages.


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Let’s get started!

Massage Chair VS Massage Therapist: What’s the Best Option?

There is no doubt that massage therapy is beneficial for both our physical and mental well-being.

One frequently asked question is whether to choose a massage chair or a massage therapist.

On the one hand, many owners of massage chairs still value their monthly visits to a massage therapist because each offers unique advantages. 

On the other hand, the best massage chairs on the market now offer a sensation that comes close to being authentic.

If you have to select between a massage chair and a massage therapist, you must take your personal medical requirements into account. 

For instance, a massage therapist is an excellent choice if your therapy calls for human touch and their skill to design your massage. 

However, the massage chair is a good choice if you have a specific health issue and may need a particular longer massage session, such as after a workout.

Before you choose between a massage chair and a massage professional, let’s explore this subject in more detail.

How Do Massage Chairs and Massage Therapists Differs?

Each type of massage—from a chair or a person—has advantages of its own. When comparing your alternatives between massage chairs and massage therapists. 

Let’s take a look at a few primary considerations.

  1. Concept-Robotic Device VS Human Touch

A robotic chair that can give you a soothing massage at home is called a massage chair.

The chair has several massage options, such as deep tissue, Thai, or water massage.

A massage therapist is a trained expert who uses some hand movements on your body to improve your well-being.

Therapists have specific expertise in the effectiveness of various massage techniques for various medical ailments.

  1. Privacy VS Individualized Care

People who desire a massage but don’t like being touched by others are attracted by the solitude of a massage chair. 

Similarly, persons who experience health problems like sciatic nerve discomfort and need to have their glutes treated would not want someone else to touch them. 

Here, massage chairs offer complete discretion.

The vibrating components, such as the sophisticated roller technology inside the chair, take the place of the therapist’s hands.

A certified therapist designed your custom massage while taking into account your needs.

A therapist carefully evaluates your condition and applies the most effective hand pressure.

  1. Consistency VS Inconsistency

Consistency is another significant distinction between human massage and massage chairs. 

Because a massage chair moves ergonomically, it automatically maintains consistency. Every time you sit on a massage chair, the massage will be the same.

A human therapist is less consistent. You can find selecting a massage therapist nerve-wracking unless you have taken frequent massage sessions with him. 

However, a massage therapist’s inconsistency can also be advantageous.

For instance, a massage therapist can modify their movements to meet your specific needs and give you a treatment plan, but a massage chair cannot.

  1. Massage Area Coverage: Light VS Deep

The massage coverage varies significantly between the two types of massage therapy.

A massage chair only works on a few ergonomically chosen places; thus, it covers a small portion of the body.

In terms of massage coverage area, a massage therapist has the upper hand.

It is due to the fact that a massage therapist’s hands can touch practically every portion of your body. 

For instance, massage therapist broader massage coverage is quite effective in treating persistent non-specific low back and neck pain.

  1. Customization: Limited VS Unlimited Options

You can change parameters like intensity and location using the manual controls and programs available on a massage chair.

Therefore, a massage chair has a set amount of massage techniques. 

However, massage roller technology is evolving, and many massage chairs now give 3D and 4D treatments.

The convincing argument for human-powered massage is the therapist’s flexibility in tailoring the treatment.

A massage therapist has the ability to evaluate each client’s individual needs and adapt massage techniques accordingly. 

There is perhaps no way to duplicate the dynamic quality of a factual message.

  1. Time and Price

When it comes to practicality and time management, chair massage is the better choice.

Costs for massage chairs range from a few hundred dollars to more than $10,000. 

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All you have to do to use a massage chair at home is to sit down in it, turn the dials, and enjoy the experience.

If you require a massage from a qualified massage therapist, you must go through the stressful appointment scheduling process.

Then you’ll be stuck in traffic while you wait for your chance to move. 

An hour-long massage from a therapist typically costs between $80 and $120. The cost can increase based on your location and the sort of massage you receive.

Massage Chair Therapy

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of massage chair therapy.


  • Privacy
  • Cutting edge technology
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Can be helpful for several users in the same house.
  • Low price over time
  • No appointments or travel time is required.


  • Robotic in appearance
  • Only a limited range of messages
  • Low degree of massage customization

Massage Therapist

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of massage from a therapist.


  • Adjustable
  • Physical interaction
  • Problem-based expertise
  • Many health advantages, such as pain and stress relief.


  • Zero privacy
  • Costly over time
  • Takes time and requires appointments.

Final Thoughts

I’m hoping that by this point, you are clear on the subject of “Massage Chair VS Massage Therapist.” 

There are several advantages to both massage chairs and massage therapists. 

However, you must make decisions based on your medical requirements.

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