How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Massage Chair

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Massage Chair

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You may have already experienced just how beneficial a massage can be when it comes to relaxing, relieving pain, and even managing stress and anxiety.

Massage therapy at home allows you to experience an incredible massage at your convenience and eliminates the need to schedule regular appointments.

Now, you may wonder, “How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Massage Chair?” It all depends on the type of massage chair you’re looking for when it comes to renting one. Considering that rental prices differ amongst firms, you may be able to locate a range of options depending on the length of your lease.

A full-year rental could cost anywhere from $3500, and $5000, depending on the model you choose. The price range for a weekly lease might be between $550 and $600. Renting full-body massage chairs might run you between $900 and $1,000 per month.

This blog post provides a price breakdown for renting a massage chair to assist you in making the best decision possible.

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Let’s get started!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Massage Chair?

Apart from promoting relaxation and feelings of tranquility, massage chairs have many health advantages.

Once you’ve had a massage, it will be difficult to resist the urge to get another one.

You’ve decided to buy or rent a massage chair, but you’re not sure which is better. When renting a massage chair, it depends entirely on what kind you want.

In a market full of countless massage chairs with different features, it is necessary to rent one that fulfills your needs.

In addition, prices will range amongst rental companies, so depending on how long your rental agreement is, you may expect to find a variety of possibilities.

For instance, certain rental firms might also provide one- or two-year long-term rental agreements.

Depending on the model you select, a full-year leasing agreement could cost you anywhere between $3500 and $5000. 

A weekly leasing agreement might cost somewhere between $550 and $600.

On the other hand, top versions of full-body massage chairs may cost between $900 and $1,000 a month to rent.

Which is Better, Renting a Massage Chair or Getting a Massage Appointment?

Depending on where you live, regular massage appointments may cost more than $100 to $125 per session as opposed to using a massage chair.

Most people use massage chairs three to four times each week at the most. 

It may not seem like savings at first when you compare renting a chair to the cost for the same amount of sessions.

However, the real fact is that the savings are immediately noticeable.

Furthermore, the cost of a chiropractic visit can range highly, from $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on your service and insurance coverage.

Therefore, renting a massage chair is a much better choice than making an appointment for a massage session.

Why You Should Rent a Massage Chair- 4 Reasons

After a hard day, a massage chair is an ideal way to unwind and relax. On the one hand, they offer the best method to decompress and rejuvenate.

On the other hand, renting a massage chair is generally very accessible and inexpensive. 

Let’s go over four justifications for thinking about renting a massage chair.

  1. Accessibility

Want to take advantage of massage’s health benefits without scheduling an appointment or making travel arrangements?

Then, renting a massage chair is the best choice. It can be set up in the convenience of your home and used as frequently as you’d like.

A full-size massage table takes up more space than a massage chair, so it’s a better choice for people with limited space.

Additionally, you won’t need to bother about giving it regular maintenance.

  1. Routine Maintenance

Renting a massage chair has many advantages, one of which is the assurance that it will receive routine maintenance.

This guarantees that the chair will continue to be in outstanding shape and offer superb comfort. 

Most rental companies for massage chairs provide warranties.

In addition, they also offer routine maintenance every five to six months to maintain your massage chair in excellent shape.

  1. Medical Causes

Doctors recommend relaxing or sleeping in a particular position for a few days after surgery.

For surgeries like neck, Shoulder, head, and knee, a particular sleeping position is necessary. 

Additionally, if you suffer foot, neck, or hip pain from chiropractic treatments, you must manage your sleeping posture.

In every situation, a massage chair will offer the comfort of sleeping in a specific position.

Consequently, you can rent a massage chair for a short while rather than investing a lot of money to buy one.

  1. Learner Practice

Numerous students enrolled in programs related to health care. These programs include massage therapy, Reiki, aesthetics, and other career-oriented degrees.

Further, they must practice or spend brief amounts of time at on-campus and off-campus events.

So, it is a cost-effective solution for student therapists to rent a massage chair while still in school and save money.

How to Pay for the Massage Chair Rental?

It depends upon the rental company’s choice. Most massage chair rental businesses accept cash, credit cards, and checks as forms of payment. 

For payment assurance, a picture ID and a working Master/Visa credit card are required.

A copy of the credit card will be kept on file until the items are returned undamaged.

Wrapping Up

I believe you now have complete knowledge about the topic “How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Massage Chair?” 

Your overall health may benefit from regular massages, no matter how active or sedentary your lifestyle may be.

Many people who want frequent massages use home massage chairs. It is an alluring choice because of its privacy and ease.

What do you think about getting a massage chair to rent? Have you ever rented out a massage chair?

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