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Massage Chair Buying Guide 2023 | Features, Cost, Warrenty and More

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The best technique to relieve pain and calm aching muscles is to receive a soothing massage. However, finding a massage therapist isn’t always easy.

You may enjoy all of these advantages at home by investing in a high-quality massage chair. You might wonder what to look for while purchasing a massage chair.

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There are several things to consider while looking for a massage chair. Always put your needs first when making a massage chair purchase. Then consider the massage chair’s features, massage techniques, price, size, warranty, style, and massage coverage areas.

Let’s dive into a Massage Chair Buying Guide in depth.

Massage Chair Buying Guide Key Features

Here is a list of every vital feature you should consider before purchasing a massage chair. 

  1. Massage Tracks- L, S, and J Track

Most massage chairs have a long row of rollers mounted on tracks that extend the whole length of the chair. 

These tracks would go from the base of your neck to your lumbar spine when you sit in the massage chair.

There are three different categories of massage tracks:


It is a track of rollers running from the neck to the gluteus muscles, following the organic “S” curve of your spine. L-tracks generally measure 47″ to 52″ long.


A roller track that mimics the “S” curve of the spine by extending from the neck through the lower lumbar area.


It combines the stretching power of the S-track with the L-range tracks of motion. 


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  1. Massage Rollers-2D, 3D, and 4D Massage

One of the most crucial features of any massage chair is its massage intensity. In this situation, massage rollers are helpful. 

Therefore, You must base your decision on the capabilities of the roller mechanism in the massage chair.

  • 2D Massage

The earliest and most basic massage chairs use 2D massage. The rollers operate on the X and Y axes thanks to 2D technology. They can roll left, right, up, or down.

  • 3D Massage

They operate on axes X, Y, and Z. With a 3D massage. You may change the roller’s pressure to create a more customized massage.

  • 4D Massage

On one side, a 4D roller massage adds movement from side to side, up and down, and back and forth. 

On the other side, it integrates various massage techniques, intensities, and rates. 

In a nutshell, 4D technology is top-notch 3D technology.

  • Syner-D™ Massage

In this case, a massage chair combines 2D, 3D, and 4D technologies.

Its function uses two separate massage motors to work in unison to provide treatment to the back and gluteus area.

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  1. Airbags-Air Massage

Built-in air compression massage settings are another feature of contemporary massage chairs.

In essence, an air massage is a mild squeezing treatment applied by airbags that progressively inflate and deflate. 

The airbag inflation compresses your muscles. As a result, it stimulates blood flow and relieves muscle discomfort.

This massage technique aids in reducing muscle stiffness and tension.

Additionally, it promotes lymphatic system stimulation and blood circulation.

  1. Body Scanning Technology

The majority of the latest massage chairs use body scan technology.

Modern sensor technology allows the customization of the ideal massage intensity and style according to your body. 

Therefore, a full body scan gives users a perfect massage according to their body type and weight.

  1. Recline Type

 Several chairs include numerous recline settings to make sitting even more pleasant.

Lay flat Recline

You can lie flat while enjoying your message using this recline option. It will help you relax deeply.

Zero-Gravity Position

A zero-gravity massage chair allows the user to recline with the feet higher than the heart. The legs receive a flush of new, oxygen-rich blood in this position.

Additionally, such massage chairs allow for a full-body deep-tissue massage.

Massage Therapy Options

Low-end massage chairs provide vibration and rolling massage. However, High-end massage chairs come with several features that might help you relax.

You have to consider some massage therapies when buying a massage chair.

  • Swedish massage or Relaxation massage
  • Heat therapy
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sound therapy
  • Compression massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Vibration massage
  • Kneading massage

Cost of a Massage Chair

Numerous elements, such as the number of functionalities, technology, customizability, and upholstery, will affect the price of a mass sage chair.

A decent rule of thumb is to avoid buying chairs that are under $1,000 at full price.

A top-tier massage chair can cost between $1,500 and $12,000. It includes the most standard of functions.

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Massage Area Coverage

Now, the majority of massage chairs can target areas outside your back.

For instance, full-body massage chairs have options for massaging the legs, feet, and even the hands and arms.

In most cases, airbags, massage heads, or rollers placed throughout the chair provide these specialized massage options.

Size of Massage Chair

Most massage chairs are made to fit people up to 280 lbs. and with heights between 5′ and 7′. However, the majority of high-end massage chairs are big. 

Because they incorporate all the mechanical parts used to offer a massage of the highest caliber.

Therefore, it is wise to measure your space to make sure it will fit.

If you don’t have an ideal space for a massage chair, then you can opt for a chair with a wall-hugging shape. 

The shape makes these chairs fit into any space.

Designs of Massage Chairs

Naturally, you want to pick a chair that complements the design of your house.

Some chairs offer a variety of colors, upholstery, and finish options to provide a uniform appearance. 

So, you can choose a solution that appeals to your aesthetic sense.

Warranty Of Massage Chair

If something goes wrong with your massage chair, having a warranty gives you peace of mind. 

The lifetime warranties cover labor, replacement parts, and the structural frame. So, a massage chair with a long warranty.

Think About Your Needs

The reasons you require a massage chair should be taken into account when selecting the model. 

For instance, you might not need all the cutting-edge features that some of the expensive massage chairs offer.

Likewise, if you require a specific massage due to a medical issue, you can select a chair with that capability.

Final Thoughts

I hope by now, with the help of a massage chair buying guide, you can easily buy the perfect massage chair for you. 

It’s crucial to understand what you’re purchasing. Always keep yourself in mind.

Choosing a massage chair requires careful consideration of several variables. Once your needs are sorted out, finding the ideal massage chair for you will be simple.

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