Can Office Chairs Explode?

Can Office Chairs Explode?

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While sitting in your office chair, do you ever wonder,  “Can Office Chairs Explode?” The idea is quite horrifying. You’ll find a variety of responses to this question.

Some solutions provide evidence-based logic. Many claims that it doesn’t explode.

Using an office chair safely leads to very few or almost no explosions. However, a faulty gas cylinder, poor construction, or excessive use can cause an office chair to blow up. It is also possible for an office chair to explode if ordinary air is present in cylinders rather than compressed nitrogen gas. The piston can also be loose, or the seal on the cylinder can be damaged.

In this blog post, I’ll look at the potential causes of an office chair explosion and discuss how to avoid it.  Read on to learn more about “Can office chairs explode?

Can Office Chairs Explode? Quick Guide

There have only been three cases reported, thus; office chair explosions are often uncommon. However, office chairs could explode.

You could get apprehension and think, “Is it unsafe to sit on an office chair?” Without further ado, let’s examine the reasons why an office chair can explode.

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1. Chairs with Poor Construction

Although buying less expensive office chairs may save a few dollars, the low quality can cause your chair to burst.

The rise in office chair demand has provided manufacturers an advantage in producing shoddy seats. Therefore, it is wise to research the seller’s track record.

2. Faulty Gas Cylinder

Poorly constructed pneumatic gas cylinders are one of the primary causes of office chair explosions.

A pneumatic cylinder or gas lift performs the function of elevating or lowering the chair. So, when manufacturers use pressurized air rather than pressurized gas in pneumatic gas cylinders, the chance of an office chair bursting rises.

3. Excessive Chair Use

Office chairs can also become explosive when used excessively or irresponsibly. You can recognize several warning indications that your chair can blow up, including

  • The back of the chair’s cloth is torn.
  • It has a shaky foundation and cracks in the frame.
  • The chair’s seat springs are visible through the covering.
  • The gas lift mechanism is leaking.
  • There is an odd odor emanating from the chair.

How Can an Office Chair Explode?

When any of the following three cases take place, explosions will occur.

  • Gas Composition of the Office Chair Cylinders

If the office chair cylinders are pressured with air rather than the typical compressed nitrogen gas, expulsion will take place. The air in the gas spring ends up rusting, as ordinary air contains a lot of oxygen.

Over time, the gas spring may corrode to the point that leaks develop, leading to explosions.

  • The Chamber’s Seals are Broken

Overuse or accidents can sometimes cause the seal of the office chair’s chamber to become damaged.

  • The Piston is Loose

Your chair’s piston could become loose over time and after frequent use, which could result in an explosion.

Is It Possible for a Chair’s Compressed Air to Explode?

Compressed air is exceedingly dangerous and capable of exploding. Compressed air becomes volatile when confined in a tiny area, such as the seat of a chair.

Even a small hole in the chair’s seat can cause the pressurized air to erupt with a lot of force. The resulting explosion has the potential to disintegrate the chair instantly and send fragments flying.

6. Savvy Tips on How to Prevent Office Chair Explosion

The quality of the chairs’ construction determines their explosion ratio. Some countries like the US and Canada follow strict measures, so there are rare chances of office chair explosion.

Of course, there is a chance that the cylinders could explode, but this typically happens in highly stressful circumstances.

Here are a few safety-related considerations you should keep in mind when looking for an office chair. 

  1. Always Purchase Products from Reliable Manufacturers

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Most accidents occur when corporations try to increase profits by cutting corners throughout the manufacturing process.

Always look for a producer who has been in business for a long time and has high standards for both safety and quality. Additionally, conduct some research and study customer ratings before you purchase an office chair.

  1. Swap Out Corroded Gas Cylinders

Make sure to replace the gas cylinder in your office chair periodically if you want to prolong its lifespan. Also, replace the gas cylinder immediately if it stops functioning accurately or sustains any other damage.

  1. Use the Chair Properly

Whatever chair you choose to use—a gaming chair, an executive chair, or an office chair—keep in mind that it is only intended for sitting. They should not be used as rolling vehicles or for wild stunts. So, use the office chair for said purpose.

  1. Always Prioritize Safety

Office chairs are designed to increase comfort so that you may work comfortably for long periods. Therefore, always get a high-quality chair and its gas cylinder to prevent chair explosion or any sort of discomfort.

The higher-quality chair won’t burn if the gas cylinder explodes in some way. So, it decreases the likelihood of fatal dangers.

  1. Follow Your Office Chair’s Guidelines

Follow the recommended weight capacity to eliminate even the slightest danger of explosion of the office chair. Here, the risk of additional injuries is even more important than the risk of a blowing up.

  1. Opt for the Explosion-Proof Lifting Chairs

Add a full explosion-proof steel plate between the cylinder and the seat for the best results. It is typically 3.5–4 mm thick and intended to withstand the effects of an accidental explosion. 

So, if your workplace chair explodes, this would shield you from more harm. Always choose a chair brand with explosion-proof steel plates installed that fulfill the standards for steel plate thickness.

Final Words

The answer to the troubling question “Can office chairs explode” is that they can explode. However, the odds of such happening are incredibly low.

Always buy a high-quality chair, treat it gently, and replace it if the gas cylinder is damaged.

The most crucial thing to remember is to get an office chair from a reputable brand. If at all feasible, choose a chair brand with explosion-proof steel plates inserted in the chair, as this will eliminate the risk of your office chair exploding.

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