S Track Vs L Track Massage Chair?

Which Is Better Between S Track Vs L Track Massage Chair?

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Your ideal massage chair will depend on the type of pain relief you need and other aspects that affect your comfort.

You must be aware of every feature that is offered before making a decision.

To assist you in choosing the best massage chair, I’m comparing the S Track Vs the L Track Massage Chair.

The motorized rollers in most massage chairs provide various massage techniques, including shiatsu, tapping, kneading, and knocking. 


Vibration VS Percussion Massager.

Hydromassage VS Massage Chair.

The chosen roller track technique in the massage chair determines the area covered by the rollers.

It can be up and down your back, while the technology determines the intensity and speed.

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What Exactly Are Roller Tracks?

The route massage chair rollers can take along your body comprises roller tracks. Starting at your neck, the roller tracks of the massage chair move down your body.

The linear roller track utilized in earlier 2D massage chairs occasionally caused the rollers to come loose from your back. 

Modern massage chairs maintain constant contact with you thanks to 3D and 4D rollers along S-track and L-track frames.

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S Track Vs L Track Massage Chair: Which One Is Best?

Although the back roller track design varies from chair to chair. You will likely find an S Track or an L Track massage chair.

L Track Massage Chair

The L-track models are where the variations between S-track and L-track massage chairs begin. 

The newest type of roller track on the market is the L-track massage chair. Massage chairs are constantly changing. 

An L-track massage chair is a high-end, luxurious massage chair with a long roller track. That extends below the lower back to the glutes and top of the hamstrings. 

The L-track massage chair offers consumers a continuous massage that covers their entire body.

Since the L-track can be found in high-end massage chairs.

It frequently coexists with other amenities, including warm knee and calf massages, that enhance your massage chair experience.

For athletes or those who lead more active lifestyles, this can be crucial as a top massage chair benefit. 

L-track massage chairs are also helpful for people with sciatica symptoms in the pelvic area that extend down the leg, athletes, and active people.

Benefits of L-track

  • It provides a feeling of a full-body massage.
  • It uses mechanical rollers for the hamstrings and buttocks as well
  • It has long rollers that extend to the lower body

Drawbacks  of L-track’s

  • a little on the pricey side
  • It puts little emphasis on the back muscles.

S Track Massage Chair

The massage roller track mimics the human spine’s organic S-curvature. The rollers can stay in contact with your body at all times. 

They go up and down your body, from the neck to the lower back, by the curvature of your spine.

The roller track moves forward from the top of the neck until it reaches the middle of the back when it slightly retracts. 

It starts to advance slightly once more as it descends your back to maintain contact with the base of the roller track.

An S-track massage chair gives you a highly natural-feeling massage when used with 3D massage rollers.

Benefits of S-track

  • It mainly focuses on the back muscles
  • Less expensive
  • For even weight distribution, it has a reclining feature.

Drawbacks of S-track’s

  • It only gives the lower body an air-compression massage
  • It has a shorter track distance

Which Option Is Best?

The solution relies on your needs and financial situation. A massage chair with an L-track can frequently be more expensive than one with an S-track.

However, it gives your massage a new dimension. 

People who carry a lot of stress in their glutes, which can result in back and leg pain, may benefit significantly from an L-track.

An L-track may be helpful for those with specific types of sciatica.

Some S-track massage chairs contain airbags in the seating area that apply pressure to the glutes.

Best Massage Chair For Glutes.

So keep that in mind if you’re thinking about getting one. This part of your body will be included if you buy an S-track massage chair. 

However, an L-track can be a fantastic option if you want your massage chair to massage the glutes most efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! You can get massage therapy whenever you choose, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The cost of massage chairs is ultimately justified. 

Regular massages have convenience and health benefits that well outweigh the price of a chair’s initial purchase.

After a massage, a hot shower might be soothing, but a too-hot shower can make you feel lightheaded. It is particularly valid if your blood pressure is low. 

Keep your post-massage shower quick or lower the heat as experts advise reducing your exposure to hot showers.

The Osaki OS-4000 is our greatest all-around massage chair. Because of how the massage is customized to your unique anatomical needs thanks to its cutting-edge design. 

This chair promotes the idea that every person’s spine is special by offering numerous options that are incredibly adaptable.


Most people mistakenly believe that L-track rollers in massage chairs are inferior to S-track rollers in terms of features. 

After comparing the S Track Vs L Track Massage Chair, this is not valid. The L-track roller is actually nothing more than the S-track roller’s extension.

An S-track roller and an L-track roller are identical. Except the S-track roller extends from the neck to the lower back.

While the L-track roller reaches from the neck to the glutes.

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