What Is The Knob Under My Office Chair?

What Is The Knob Under My Office Chair? Different Types

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Let’s assume…

You are using an office chair and feel slightly uncomfortable because your office chair leans to one side. To solve the issue, you turn your chair upside down. There you see many small components. You may ponder, what is the knob under my office chair? Or what is the knob on the bottom of my office chair for?

Don’t worry; I got you. Different types of knobs are present in office chairs. Each knob performs a specific task.

The knobs under any office chair suggest that there are tilting, height, angle, backrest position, and seat height adjustment mechanisms are available. These knobs perform various functions to make sitting in a chair more comfortable and productive.

In this article, I will clear up your confusion about the knobs, their function, and how to use them.

5 Different Kinds Of Knobs Under A Chair

Your office chair doesn’t need to have all five knobs. Some chairs could have three knobs or even none at all.

Now, let’s dive into a comprehensive explanation of office chair knobs.

1. Height Adjustment Knob- To Raise/Lower Your Office Chair

One of the main elements of an office chair is the height adjustment knob. This knob serves to adjust the height of a chair following the length of your legs.

Mostly, the height adjustment knob protrudes from the side of the seat. Usually, it’s the central knob if a chair has several knobs.

If you want to lower the height of the chair, then; first sit on the chair. After that, pull the respective knob. Your weight will cause the chair to sag and consequently reduce its height. 

When you attain the perfect height, then; leave the knob, and the chair will fix at the new position.

2. Adjustment Knob-Change Office Chair Seat Angle

This knob is crucial if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk.

Such angle adjustment knobs’ primary function is to give you a comfortable sitting angle where you can lean on your backrest and work without discomfort.

To lower the front side of the seat, then rotate the knob in a clockwise direction. If you want to raise the backside of the chair, then go for anticlockwise rotation. 

With this simple system, you may quickly adjust your sitting posture to suit your needs.

3. Tilt Tension Knob-To Recline Office Chair

Under your seat is this huge spherical knob. Some office chairs include little knobs or even cranks on the side of the chair that control the tilt tension.

It allows you to increase or decrease the tension of the chair. If you turn down the knob, the tension also reduces. Thus, the office chair will rock.  

However, turn the knob in the opposite direction to tighten it up if you want to lock the chair in a specific position.

4. Backrest Position Adjustment Knob-Provide Back Support

It is present just under the backrest of the chair. Back height adjustment gives proper back support up to your shoulders.

If the backrest of your chair does not fit your back, it could make you uncomfortable.

When you turn this knob, the tension is increased, allowing you to maintain the upright position.

However, you may adjust the knob to a comfortable backrest height by either raising it or lowering it.

Most modern office chairs may have a ratchet for back height adjustment rather than a knob. In this case, you can modify it by pulling upward with your hands on the backrest’s base. 

You’ll hear a click with each draw when the height pawl secures to the ratchet. Follow the reverse mechanism to lower the back support.

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5. Seat Depth Adjustment Knob

 Occasionally, even though your height, angle, and tilt are perfect, you might still feel uneasy. It is due to the chair’s seat. Seat Depth Adjustment Knob provides a better posture to your body. 

If your feet aren’t on the ground, you can alter the depth with this knob. By doing this, you can maintain normal blood flow in your legs.

What to do If the Tilt Tension Knob Is Not Working?

Although, it is crucial to know how to fix a knob if it is not working or if the tilt tension adjustment knob not working.

However, the tilt tension knob has a lot of use. So, it often happens that these knobs stop working. Find out here how to solve it.

You should check your tension knob first. Your office chair will recline if you turn the tension knob to the right.

Gently continue doing this until you find a position that feels comfortable. Now fix the issue and sit on your office chair.

However, if it doesn’t, it signifies your office chair’s tension is damaged, and you need to get a new one. 

To do this:

  • With the aid of a wrench (Check Wrench Here), remove all the bolts holding the tilt knob in place.
  • Purchase a new tension knob( CheckBest knob here) for your office chair, then screw or clip it back onto your frame.
  • Reattach any add-ons, like wheels, arms, or headrests, before inspecting your chair.

Benefits of Chair Adjustment Knobs 

  1. Make sitting comfortable in a chair.
  2. Increase your productivity.
  3. Improve posture and reduce back pain problem
  4. You can adjust the chair according to your activity. For instance, if you want to rest, then you can change the leaning feature of the chair with the help of a knob.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you don’t have to ask yourself, “what is the knob under my office chair?” anymore. You cannot perform well as an office worker unless you are sitting on a comfortable office chair. 

Lack of a suitable office chair can quickly make you feel worn out. To control the tilt tension, angle adjustment, depth adjustment, and other similar factors, you need to be aware of each office chair knob under the seat.

How many knobs does your office chair have? Have you ever adjusted your office chair height, angle, or backrest position?

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